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Johnny Smith


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Jazz Combo

Moonlight in Vermont

Walk, Don’t Run (1954 version)

Satan’s Doll (with the Art Van Damme Quintet)

Love for Sale

Pawn Ticket

This Can’t Be Love

Lullaby of the Leaves (with the Benny Goodman Sextet)

Destination Moon (with Beverly Kenney)




Chord-Melody Arrangements

Autumn Nocturne



What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life

Seven Come Eleven (with Mundell Lowe)

Bing Crosby Live in Oslo

Johnny Smith - Audio/Video

There are several audio recordings and regrettably few video recordings of Johnny Smith available to hear/view on Youtube. Listed below are some examples which together demonstrate the wide range of his musical work as well as his virtuosity.

The selection includes representations of Johnny’s work with his own jazz combo, his solo guitar chord-melody arrangements, his work accompanying female vocalists, and a performance of Max DiJulio’s Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra, which was composed specifically for Johnny Smith. Two interviews with Johnny are also included.

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Max DiJulio - Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra and Johnny Richards’ Annotations of the Muses

Schoenberg - Serenade Opus 24

Johnny Smith


Johnny Smith interview (with Tom Ross)

Johnny Smith interview (with Leigh Kamman)

Reminiscing about Django Reinhardt